Where time stops and the harmony of flavours begins

Marjo Š eše


” … For those who appreciate fine dining, an impeccable selection of top quality wines and service to match. “

It is our love for food and our sense of pride found in preserving our traditions which inspire us to create unique experiences. Every passing soul brings with them a unique story – and for each one, there’s a glass of fine wine to pair it with.
Homemade crotegin sausage wrapped in kale on a bed of apple tartine

Exquisite cuisine

We are committed towards expanding both people’s horizons and their flavour palettes, and aim to achieve it by uniting our traditions with a modern twist. 


Elite selection of wines

Our assortment of choice is based on biodynamic wines made by the hands of local winemakers. The diversity on offer ensures that there’s a drop for everyone.


Local rosé in a wine rack
Wholehearted service - Marjo Šeše

Wholehearted service

The right approach, intuition and commitment to each guest are the virtues on which we build our relationships. After all, friendship is one of the truly priceless things in life.


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