Okrasna fotografija steklenic lokalnih vinarjev

Wine card

That, which a winemaker combines from nature and their own expertise alongside plenty of hard work is what gives the world of wine its charm. And each new bottle is a special story in and of itself.

Š eše special blends

Blending diverse tastes and creating new experiences are not virtues confined to the walls of our kitchen. In line with the standard we set ourselves every day,  we are firm believers that only the best is good for our guests.

Exceptional service of spirits and mixed drinks
Decorative photo of a traditional alcohol distiller and homemade dried sausages

Traditional alcohol distiller

As somewhat of a novelty and a part of who we are, you will notice a traditional ‘Old school’ distiller in our bar. For those whose curiousity has been sparked, your host will be more than happy to take you on a journey through the distilling process.

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Harmonija izbranih okusov, ki tako sami kot v spremljavi zmeraj zaigrajo pravo noto.