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Ošterija Žogica


” A proper destination for lovers of homemade pasta, chronic carnivores and all those who consider themselves true gourmets. “

We are building a global story based on local traditions, the result of a successful balancing of variety between years of experience and youthful ambition. We’re not afraid to stand out and be different, especially since that makes your experiences truly unique and unforgettable.

Plating a Sea bass fillet and buttery potatoes mixed with baby spinach

Exquisite cuisine

The culinary arts are about much more than just preparing food. We enjoy them, we express ourselves through them and also build connections through them. We strive towards finding a harmonious balance of flavours in every dish.

Extensive selection of beer & wine

You can find all kinds of both local and international beers and wines, with a wide variety of flavours set to satisfy even the most curious of souls.

Excellent selection of beers - Malastrana, O'hara's, Schneider Weisse
Summer garden with a view in a beautiful setting - Ošterija Žogica

Summer garden with a view

During the warmer months, our restaurant takes on a special charm, as this is when we open up our summer garden – a very inviting sight in and of itself.

Discover our offer

We offer fresh, home-cooked dishes with lots of love and proper accompaniments to boot.