Stuffed potato gnocchi with Solkan raddichio and cottage cheese, covered with lardo in cheese sauce

Seasonal menu

Both nature and the culinary arts have always been closely intertwined. The way in which we express our gratitude is by using what nature gives us to create a seasonally colored, harmonius dish.

A la carte

For all you steak heathens and pasta lovers out there, as well as seafood enthusiasts and even the biggest of sweet tooths among you.

Roastbeef tagliata with fresh porcini mushrooms, roast potatoes and cherry tomatoes on a bed of arugula
Pizza with spicy salami, porcini mushrooms, nacho cheese and arugula

Wood stone oven pizzas

We’re firm believers in that only the very best is good enough, which is why we have worked so hard to perfect our house recipe for the pizza dough and also why we only use ingredients of the highest quality.